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Water as a Means to Reduce the Environmental Footprint

Reducing the environmental and ecological footprint impact is very important to Pueblo Bonito. For this reason, we have started a new project that we are proud to present: our Suculenta still water brand.

Agua Suculenta is obtained from a meticulous filtering process based on state-of-the-art technology that allows the water of great quality, fresh and clean for consumption.

Our way of caring for and conserving the environment is by reducing the use of plastic bottles, replacing them with reusable glass bottles, and offering in them fresh and high-quality water.

Water is an indispensable and essential resource for human life; That is why in Pueblo Bonito, we see a means to reduce the ecological footprint in this project.

Learn more about us and other environmental conservation projects here: https://www.pueblobonito.com/about-us