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Cabo San Lucas Un aislado resort de lujo con playa privada en el desarrollo residencial Quivira Los Cabos. Sunset Beach le ofrece una espectacular vista del Océano Pacífico.

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Cabo San Lucas Este hermoso resort está situado en El Médano, una de las playas más hermosas de Baja California Sur.

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Cabo San Lucas Un resort de estilo mediterráneo con vistas panorámicas del Arco del Fin del Mundo.

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Cabo San Lucas Descanse en una exclusiva villa privada de lujo, frente al mar, ubicado dentro del lujoso desarrollo residencial Quivira Los Cabos.

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Mazatlán Este elegante resort está situado en un terreno de más de 24 hectáreas en Mazatlán, México.

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Mazatlán Esta lujosa propiedad ofrece la combinación perfecta entre el encanto del Viejo Mundo y los placeres de la era moderna.

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Mazatlán Disfrute sus vacaciones en una lujosa villa privada situada en medio de hermosos paisajes y verdes campos de golf.

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Altamente reconocido por elevar la experiencia de resort todo incluido a alturas vertiginosas en cada una de sus distintivas propiedades, Pueblo Bonito ahora tiene como objetivo establecer el nuevo estándar en hospitalidad global a través de una nueva colección de propiedades ultra lujosas ubicadas en destinos cuidadosamente seleccionados que redefinirán nuestra noción de viaje “excepcional”.

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Con el debut de The Towers at Pacifica en Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort, nuestros huéspedes disfrutarán de un nivel más elevado de lujo y sofisticación.

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Chef Investigativo Uses History, Tradition And Emotion To Formulate Baja California's Rustic And Wild Experiential Cuisine

October 03, 2016

Investigative Chef Luis Gonzalez Elevates the Baja Kitchen Through Deep Research and Enriching Dining Experiences at The Towers at Pacifica, Cabo San Lucas

CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico (October 3, 2016) – From a young age, Luis Gonzalez, a native of Baja California Sur, Mexico, has been driven by an insatiable hunger to dive deeper than anyone else into the origins of the Mexican peninsula’s cuisine.  Due to his extensive research and understanding of the flora and fauna of Baja, Gonzalez holds the unique position of Chef Investigativo at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort and will be one of the culinary highlights of the hotel’s upcoming resort-within-a-resort expansion – The Towers at Pacifica, opening December 2016.

In 2010, after realizing he need not steer far away from home in order to create elevated food experiences, Gonzalez set out to traverse Baja far and wide to dissect and develop the culinary traditions of one of Mexico’s largest regions. From mystic journeys through the Sierra desert and trekking the ancient Jesuit missions to visiting with locals and indigenous tribes, he has strived to leave no stone unturned during his quest.

Inspired by Chef Ferran Adria’s (of the three-star Michelin El Bulli in Spain) Cocina Tecno Emocional style, which applies high-level technique, molecular gastronomy, and all of the human senses to develop transcendental dishes, Gonzalez created his own cuisine – La Cuchara del Guaycura (Spanish for “Guaycura Spoon”). The Guaycura tribe were one of the most influential indigenous people of Baja California and a group he has closely studied to formulate his cooking flair.

Gonzalez’ immersive take on the rustic and wild cuisine of Baja California aims to bring awareness of his homeland’s exotic and heart-warming kitchen. “Like with others in my field, my nana was the first person who introduced me to my roots through cooking,” he says. “I now take incredible pleasure in permeating my food with everything I’ve learned, my ancestral traditions, my spiritual journeys so that guests can leave with a stronger sense of what Baja truly is.”

For The Towers at Pacifica, he will bring his findings straight to the guests’ table through enriching dining experiences, which he prefers to do on an individual basis for thorough explanation of the history and tradition behind every dish. Aside from reviving generations-old Baja recipes such as tamal siriano, a cabbage-wrapped lobster tamale with green olives, raisins, green bell pepper, tomatoes and onions as well as cipais, a sweet and savory pasta dish with meat, carrots, potatoes, and dry fruit; two of his featured dining offerings will be a “Hook & Cook” fishing experience and a beachside clam roast.

During the “Hook & Cook,” guests will fish from the shore and bring back fresh catch to create Gonzalez’s signature mesa de ceviches. The ceviche bar will include an array of seafood to feast on (e.g. dover sole, baby scallops, sea bass and more), and a selection of house-made add-ons such as smoked salsas, beet’s ink, infused oils and emulsions (e.g. guajillo pepper oil, habanero oil and carrot oil). His other beachside creation includes almejas tatemadas or roasted clams, where the mollusks are cooked underneath the sandy turf using dry bushes, wood, iron and stone. The clams are then dressed with a variety of vegetables, cold meats and fresh cheese, including handpicked rare local roots and cacti (e.g. ciruela del mogote, raja matraca leaf, una de gato and damiana bush, and tarbadillo root) that represent the Baja landscape.

About Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort

Nestled on a secluded 2.5-mile stretch of pristine beach in Cabo San Lucas, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort is a luxury all-inclusive resort catering exclusively to adults seeking a tranquil oceanfront hideaway. A modern yet elegant approach to design and architecture presents an ideal setting for a memorable vacation of relaxation and self-renewal. An award-winning resort and spa destination, the 154-room boutique retreat features four restaurants, four bars, the Armonia wellness-inspired spa, 5,800 square feet of meeting and event space and access to a private beach as well as wine and tequila tastings. Coming winter 2016, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica will unveil The Towers at Pacifica, three new ultra-luxury buildings that feature enhanced amenities and first-class personalized service, including 24-hour British Butler Institute-certified butler service to attend to any and all guest needs. The Towers at Pacifica will also include an exclusive VIP lounge offering culinary experiences and specialty cocktails, state-of-the-art gym and a new gourmet restaurant – all with dramatic oceanfront views.

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